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NYAVA provides New York Cares staff members valuable professional development opportunities and forums for sharing best practices with their peers. Our staff appreciates the opportunity to participate in NYAVA initiatives. 
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Our mission is to advance and serve the volunteer resources management profession in the New York City area.

Tip of the Month

When Volunteerism Jeopardizes Unemployment Benefits

With so many people out of work and a renewed focus on volunteerism as a way to enhance a resume and increase chances of finding new employment, some may wonder if volunteer work can jeopardize an individual's unemployment benefits. The State Department of New York has clear guidelines outlining when volunteer work may be in conflict with the colletion of benefits. Responsible Volunteer Managers should educate themselves on these guidelines.
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Featured Member

Staci-Jo Bruce

Staci-Jo Bruce

This month, NYAVA wishes to highlight Staci-Jo Bruce, a new member and the recipient of a NYAVA Scholarship to the June 2013 Points of Light conference in Washington D.C.  Staci-Jo is currently the Director of Volunteer Services at The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York (CCANY).  She oversees the mobilization, recruitment, and maintenance of the volunteer program for Catholic Charities NY and acts as a resource for over 90 Catholic Charities agencies. asd

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Special Events
New Workshop! Resourceful Recruitment
Friday, April 25, 9:00-11:30 a.m.
NY Cares Orientation Room, 65 Broadway, 19th Floor
Ranging from large to small and covering a variety of non-profit areas (youth, health etc), our panelists will cover challenges and solutions related to recruiting volunteers from a diversity of backgrounds, outreach in the outer boroughs, skills-based volunteers, and more. Participants will have the chance to learn new recruitment tactics, practice specific recruitment related skills, and share best practices.
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Arts Volunteers in Canada: Museums and Galleries
For this last post in the 
Arts Volunteers in Canada series the focus is the history of volunteer programmes in 3 museums and galleries in Toronto. These programmes serve as examples of well-established, fully integrated volunteer-led structures that contribute to much more than the frontline operations of arts organisations.Art of Festivals, 04/14/2014
These Kids Today
National Volunteer Week, an annual challenge and opportunity for all of us to engage with our communities, is April 6-12 this year, and recent data suggest that this could be a good opportunity to re-commit ourselves to rising to the many challenges these communities currently face.Huffington Post, 03/27/2014
Why Every Company Should Pay Employees To Volunteer
Community volunteering is very important for employees who seek a higher purpose in life and look for meaning.Fast Company, 03/11/2014
International Corporate Volunteering: Profitable for Multinational Corporations
If you listen to executives at companies that sponsor international corporate volunteering (ICV), these are powerful initiatives for developing employees as leaders to solve global challenges, gaining expertise in emerging markets where the companies want to enter, and building capacity in regions where companies want to expand their businesses and sales. Huffington Post, 03/07/2014
A Daughter, Her Dad, and the Debate Over Pricey Teen Volunteer Trips
Last month, a 21-year-old woman named Pippa Biddle 
took to her blog and eviscerated the kinds of volunteer trips that many parents encourage teenagers to take. 

New York Times, 03/06/2014