Gerald (Jerry) Pannozzo, CVA

2nd Vice President

Since 1993, Jerry has been an active member with AVA-Region 2 that evolved into the current NYAVA. Other professional associations he has been involved with include AVA, GNYADVS, NYSAVSA, and AL!VE. He has been a leader of volunteer engagement at a CBO, licensed nursing home, city volunteer center, and various hospitals. As of 2005, he has been presenting workshops at the local, state, and national level. There was also some teaching on volunteer resources management. Since 2012 he has been a co-instructor for NYAVA’s signature two-day course, Principles and Practices of Volunteer Program Management.  He has had articles published in e-Volunteerism, The Volunteer Management Report, Points of Light: Volunteer Leadership Magazine, etc. To learn more visit, (you can also access his blog from that link).