About: History

The New York Association for Volunteer Administration, a membership-driven association run by and for professionals in the field of volunteer resources management, was officially incorporated as an independent organization in 1998. Prior to incorporation, the organization had a long and active history as a regional chapter of AVA, the national organization at the time. Since its inception, NYAVA has been a force for professionalism in the field of volunteer resources administration in the New York City area. Building on the talents of its own membership and through professional partnerships, NYAVA has provided the New York City non-profit community with development opportunities through its apprentice/mentoring program, networking opportunities, and regular workshops highlighting best practices.

NYAVA's signature seminar Principles and Practices, first offered in 1994, has laid the groundwork for many successfully administered volunteer programs throughout the city. It had a major update in 2012 and, most recently, in 2022.

The year 2007 was a milestone for the organization. In anticipation of NYAVA's 10th anniversary, the all-volunteer Board, with input from the general membership, underwent a strategic-planning process. A multi-year plan was implemented that today guides the organization's activities and offerings to the NYAVA membership. That same year, NYAVA's by-laws were re-evaluated and revised. Today, the organization continues to fulfill its mission to serve a diverse and growing membership.

The 2022  Board approved a 2022-23 Strategic Plan prior to  NYAVA's 25th anniversary in 2023. Today, the association continues to fulfill its mission to serve a diverse and growing membership. 

We invite you to become part of the tradition.